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At the heart of the Foyer we believe that enabling people who can to move towards and into work actively supports a positive contribution to their own wellbeing and the well being of their families and communities.

You or your organisation could help local people turn their lives around by becoming an ‘Investor in the Foyer’. Any investment, be it financial support, time or skills could really make a difference.  It will allow us to continue to respond to the needs of people and affect real and lasting change in the lives of so many who are marginalised and vulnerable in our community.

The tangible result is people do 'move on' successfully having benefited from the stepping stone of the Foyer to social and economic independence. Their success is our success.





Did you know homelessness for 16/17 year olds in Aberdeen has gone up 50% in the last year?


Often a young person arrives at the Foyer with very little, sometimes just the clothes they're standing up in, perhaps a carrier bag with a few belongings. They've been through a difficult time and its often their first time living alone. This can be very daunting and we ensure they feel comfortable, warm and safe - ready to have the best start.

We want to provide each young person with a Winter Pack containing things like food items, warm clothes, cosy bedding, PJs, basic cleaning products and toiletries - things most of us take for granted, but a young person would really welcome and wouldn't have the money to buy.

Would you consider making a donation? With your help we can help more people like:-

DJ (17): I used to live with my Dad in a one bedroom flat. When he died I was really struggling. I was sofa surfing, self harming and drinking too much. The first week I was in my flat at the Foyer I developed an action plan where I included all the things I needed help with to become more confident and independent. I learned how to budget (I was in debt), learned how to use appliances and addressed my issues with time keeping. I have learned how to complete housing forms and council tax forms and have applied for permanent housing. I'm learning how to cook from fresh and am trying to be more healthy. Sessions with the Foyer counsellor are really helping. All in all since I moved to the Foyer my confidence has grown. I'm able to do most tasks like finding out where to get support to stop smoking, looking for a job or even something as basic as talking on the phone to a stranger. So far my time at the Foyer has been fantastic and I'm a happier. I'm ready to do some training and get a job! 

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AM (18): I was sleeping rough because I had nowhere to stay. I slept in car parks or in a garage because at least it was dry. I have problems because I have learning difficulties and my family have difficulties too. I was using drugs which some people had shown me how to do. It made me feel more like everyone else, like one of the crowd. It got really cold as the winter started and someone told me that I could go to the homeless department at Aberdeen City Council. They sent me to the Foyer. For the first time in ages I had somewhere safe and warm to stay. They did lots of things with me like cooking and cleaning. They also helped me to understand that I couldn't live there if I kept using drugs. They helped me to realise that I used drugs because other people influenced me too much. I am working really hard now to sort things out and my hope is to go to College. 


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Since 2015 we have delivered the Discovering Talent project in both Aberdeen, Peterhead and Fraserburgh. The aim of the project is to provide bespoke support to individuals experiencing a range of barriers to moving into learning, training or work e.g. lack of education/qualifications, offending behaviour, lack of confidence, family issues and to engage them in activities to uncover their skills and talents and to identify their future goals.

To respond to individual need we run the project on both a group and one to one basis. The project is supported by energy company TAQA which has provided sponsorship since the projected started. This sponsorship is vital to the success of the project as it enables us to offer the activities, materials and resources for the participants to explore their interests and develop their talents. To date we have supported over 85 people through Discovering Talent.

“It is important to TAQA to support the communities in which it operates and help increase the education, potential and creativity of those living and working in that community.  Therefore, TAQA is proud to support the Foyer’s ‘Discovering Talent’ project, an initiative that’s all about identifying, coaching and promoting young people’s talents so they can live learn and work independently.”  - Sian Mutch, Senior Corporate Communications Advisor

Individuals accessing Discovering Talent are experiencing a range of barriers to moving into a positive destination, however for many lack of confidence, communication skills, encouragement and not knowing what they want to do, prove the biggest obstacles. Discovering Talent gives them the opportunity to explore their strengths and interests and to identify their goals and aspirations in a supportive and flexible environment. Participation is dependent on their motivation to achieve their goal irrespective of how big or small that goal is. The focus of the project continues to be that of self-directed learning aided by guidance and support from a Foyer Development Worker as well as peer support from others on the project.