Our Vision, Values and Purpose

Our Vision

Our vision is a place where all young people and adults can be who they want to be regardless of the challenges they face today and where everyone has the right to work, learn and have a safe place to live as a valued member of their local community. 

Our Values

Our values are about how we behave as an organisation, they are the foundation on which we operate and develop and a measure of how we should be judged.

At Aberdeen Foyer, we value...

Seeing the Person 
Discover people’s strengths and stories

  • We see the potential in everyone and invest in people to achieve their goals 
  • We are kind, inclusive and welcoming 
  • We stay grounded by understanding and appreciating people’s stories and aspirations 

Explore and inspire learning and connection that improves outcomes with people

  • We are driven to learn, to instigate and embrace change for good 
  • We come with open hearts and minds and a genuine interest in people
  • We create safe spaces for connecting to find solutions and improve together 

Build compassionate, honest relationships

  • We care about what we do 
  • We build relationships based on honesty, compassion and respect 
  • We work together knowing we achieve more by helping each other

Go the extra mile, make things happen

  • We do what we say we will do, thoughtfully and inclusively  
  • We are flexible, with a focus on finding solutions together with people
  • We recognise and respect our impact on the communities and the natural environment around us 
  • We bring passion, energy, go the extra mile and never give up 

Our Purpose 

The Foyer exists to disrupt the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire, by helping young people and adults transform their lives.  We believe there is no limit to what people can achieve and that everyone has the right to a positive future.

We wish to build on our work to date, to draw on past and current successes and seek to harness the talent, enthusiasm and commitment of all staff and volunteers across the organisation, combined with the support and leadership of our Board members.

“I believe there is no limit to what people can achieve and that everyone has the right to a positive future. People come to the Foyer to access the support they need to continue with their lives the way they want them to be, discovering their strengths, following their dreams and knowing how to get there.

By addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality, we will enable individuals to fulfil their potential - and strengthen their communities.”

Leona McDermid, Chief Executive