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Nursing Cadet Scheme 

Aberdeen Foyer’s Employability Team are working in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing and NHS Grampian, while receiving funding from the Wood Foundation, to deliver this free 9-week course.

  1. You will start by getting ready with an introduction course in the classroom with the Foyer Team.
  2. Then you’ll spend time getting to grips with the RCN Nursing Cadet Scheme materials, these are a mix of clinical and non clinical modules.
  3. There is also a 20 hour observational work experience opportunity, shadowing NHS staff.

The Royal College of Nursing Cadet Scheme is a course where you can gain the skills and knowledge to pursue a rewarding career in healthcare with confidence. 

• Learn practical skills that are transferable

• Employability support with applications

• On site experience with the NHS

• Build on team work skills

• First Aid & Basic Life Support

• Manual Handling

• Infection Prevention and Control

• Equality and Diversity

• Careers within NHS Grampian discussion

For more information on the scheme, visit:

To register your interest Email: or call 01224 974175 

Listen to our podcast - A discussion between the Foyer's Employability Co-ordinator - Pauline and Brett, Katie and Megan from NHS Grampian. They talk about their career paths and what led them to nursing.

Prince's Trust Team (16-25 yrs old)

The Foyer in partnership with North East Scotland College delivers the Prince’s Trust Team programme in Aberdeen City, Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Ellon. The 12 week programme for 16-25 year olds offers exciting challenges which help build young people’s confidence and motivation, while providing new skills and qualifications. Find out more.

Foyer Families (Parents/Carer for under 12 child, gain City & Guilds qualifications)

Foyer Families is a 16-week fully funded programme created and delivered by Aberdeen Foyer which will help you to:

  • Achieve accredited learning and employability skills
  • Progress into further education and employment​
  • Support your child’s development​ through learning and play
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family

Next courses: 

  • Online                          27/02/24          13/06/24
  • Peterhead                    05/03/24          20/06/24 
  • Online                          27/08/24          12/12/24
  • Peterhead                    27/08/24          12/12/24

This course will run 
Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
9.30am to 2.30pm

Aberdeen Foyer is working in partnership with North East Scotland College to deliver a City & Guilds Extended Level 1 Certificate in Employability skills. REHIS Food Hygiene and Pediatric First Aid certificates will also be available during the course. Child development workshops will also be delivered.

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Additional support such as childcare provision and access to digital kit can also be provided during the course.

The course will be delivered both online and face to face with access to course leaders and personalised support.

Is this course for me?

If you Are a parent/carer with children under 12 looking to do any of the following:​

  • ​Develop personal confidence ​​
  • Meet other parents ​and contribute to shared learning
  • Take part in a meaningful team experience ​​
  • Obtain accredited qualifications
  • Learn how to further support your child's learning and play in everyday life ​
  • Consider if further education, training, or work is a possibility for you ​​

Then this course is for you.

As part of Foyer Families you’ll complete 5 City and Guilds units:

  • Building personal confidence
  • Contributing to healthy living
  • Effective skills and qualities for learning and work
  • Coping with change
  • Managing personal finance
  • A range of course related activities to boost productivity, team building and personal confidence
  • You will also gain a broader understanding of how learning and play contributes to child development.
  • Attend wellbeing sessions including: Mindfulness, Stretch and Tone and Tai Chi
  • Be invited to course-related talks from a range of external organisations and partners

Course Content

Week 1/2: Getting to know you
A chance to get to know one another and set the foundation for an exciting journey with Foyer Families.

Week 3/4: Building personal confidence
Working together to understand personal confidence, while branching out into related activities to help build your own personal confidence.

Week 4/5: Contributing to own healthy living
Looking closely at what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Guided cooking sessions and Food Hygiene will be used to support your learning along with a range of relevant activities.

Week 6/7: Effective skills and qualities
Working together to highlight and build upon existing skills to prepare you for the working and learning environment.

Week 8/9: Managing personal finance
Focusing on planning and preparation you will gain the skills to develop budget plans and financial inclusion sessions will help you to manage your finances.

Week 10/11/12: Coping with change
Encourages you to explore the different types of change, including the impact of change and strategies to help you to cope with change.

Week 13/14: Skills development
Helping you to build your CV for potential job opportunities and preparing you for mock interviews and build progression pathways.

Week 15/16: What’s next?
Reviewing 16-week programme with discussion about future steps and finally your graduation!

Contact details
Bryan MacKay M: 07880 031 878

Sharon Emslie (Online/Aberdeenshire & Aberdeen City) M: 07774 643 489

Kerry Grant (Peterhead) 

Tev Warrander (Learning Team Leader) M: 07930 605 887, 

If you would like to sign up/refer to the programme please click on the link

Learning Houses (Aberdeenshire) - free access to learning, computer skills etc

The two Learning Houses offer access to a range of supported opportunities, ICT and guidance services free of charge. They also provide study or meeting space and information on further education and training.

The houses are open to all individuals wishing to develop their skills.  Support is offered to those who need to update their skills to enable them to job search in the digital age, set up email accounts and Universal Jobmatch accounts as well as other support around the Welfare Reform agenda.

Peterhead Learning House 

1-3 Kirk Street, Peterhead

Tel: 01779 474820

Foyer REACH (Gain City & Guilds qualifications)

Foyer REACH follows a weekly structure based on community involvement, personal development, wellbeing and employability learning. We work in partnership with Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership and North East Scotland College. 

Participants will gain a City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Employability Skills and a REHIS Food Hygiene Certificate. 

Workshops will take place focused on wellbeing and goal-setting for the future. We will work in partnership with other agencies to ensure specific recovery support is available to those who need it, as well as peer mentoring and service user involvement opportunities. 


Week 1/2: Getting to Know You: A chance for participants to get to know each other and start working as a team, through team games and creativity sessions.   

Week 3/4/5: Personal Development: Workshops in personal development skills, budgeting, planning, health and wellbeing and activities to broaden confidence.

Week 6: Outdoor Adventures: A chance for the group to try out new activities using their new team-working skills and gaining self-confidence.  Activities will be suited to team members’ physical abilities. 

Week 7/8: Community Projects: The group will plan and carry out projects to benefit the community, giving them a sense of purpose and learning essential planning and project management skills. 

Week 9: Next Steps: A range of future options will be explored including volunteering, further education and employment. The group will be introduced to all the different agencies that can help them on their way. 

Week 10/11: Community Challenge: This is the group’s chance to put into action all the new skills they have learned through the course and when they will plan activities to make a difference in their community. All planning and work will be done by team members, giving a fantastic sense of accomplishment at the end.  

Week 12: Moving On / Graduation: The group will plan a graduation ceremony taking stock of all they have achieved and inviting their friends and loved ones to share in their success. 


ABERDEEN CITY (Marywell Centre) 
Natalie Blevins, M: 07786 049 820

Neil Keith  M: 07900587487 

PETERHEAD (Drummers Corner)
Rob Campbell  M: 07467 919 850 

BANFF (Banff Castle)
Donna Adams  M: 07435 549 272

Learning Team Leader,
Tev Warrander, M: 07930 605 887, 

Next Courses beginning 5th February 2024 in Peterhead & Aberdeen, and 12th February 2024 in Fraserburgh and Banff.
If you would like to sign up/refer to the programme please click on the link

Future course dates: 

Peterhead          05/02/24    -     25/04/24
Aberdeen           05/02/24    -     25/04/24
Fraserburgh      12/02/24    -     02/05/24
Banff                  12/02/24    -     02/05/24

Peterhead         03/06/24     -     22/08/24
Aberdeen          03/06/24     -     22/08/24
Fraserburgh     10/06/24     -     29/08/24
Banff                 10/06/24     -     29/08/24

Peterhead         23/09/24     -     12/12/24
Aberdeen          23/09/24     -     12/12/24
Fraserburgh     30/09/24     -     19/12/24
Banff                 30/09/24     -     19/12/24

Getting into Construction 

A construction package programme that focuses on getting people into work in the construction industry. The first week of the course we look at training. Participants will receiving training and qualifications for CITB Operatives test and a Level 1 Certificate in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. During the course, candidates will also receive training and a qualification in Emergency First Aid at Work, as well as Traffic Marshal training. 

We will make sure that participants have an up-to-date CV, whilst also aiding them with tailored employability support. This programme is available to candidates over the age of 16.

Any interested candidates or referrals based in Aberdeen City, please contact

Any interested candidates or referrals based in Aberdeenshire, please contact

Getting into the Security Sector (Door Supervisor) 

This programme focuses on helping people into the security sector. The first week of the course is all training. Training takes place at F1 Training in Kittybrewster. You will learn everything you need to achieve a Level 6 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry, both knowledge and physical aspects, as well as achieving your Emergency First Aid at Work qualification.

The remainder of the training within this course is done in-house at our Training Centre where we will look at addressing any employability barriers and making sure that participants leave with an up-to-date CV. This programme is available to candidates over the age of 18. 

Any interested candidates or referrals based in Aberdeen City, please contact

Any interested candidates or referrals based in Aberdeenshire, please contact


Getting into the Care Sector

The 6-week Care programme focuses on equipping candidates with the knowledge of different care specific topics to develop their knowledge of working in the industry. In addition to this training, a 3-week work experience placement with a local provider enhances their practical abilities to prepare them for working in this career. 

In addition, candidates will receive training and a qualification in Emergency First Aid at Work, as well as completing Health and Safety & Manual Handling Awareness courses. We will make sure that participants have an up-to-date CV, whilst also aiding them with tailored employability support. This programme is available to candidates over the age of 16.

Any interested candidates or referrals based in Aberdeen City, please contact

Any interested candidates or referrals based in Aberdeenshire, please contact

OUTREACH TEAM - support to move forward in your life (Aberdeenshire)


  • Referrals can be taken from Peterhead, Fraserburgh,Banff, Ellon, Inverurie, Stonehaven (and surrounding areas)
  • Referrals can be taken from anyone, Substance misuse services, GPs, CPNs and OTs, Jobcentre Plus, Aberdeenshire council or in person (self)
  • Age 16-65

The role of Outreach is to offer support within the community for people who are in or out of work, training or a positive destination. Outreach can offer 1:1 time with service users to find solutions to barriers they face which prevent them from moving on. i.e. previous substance use, little or no experience or skills,  lack of engagement with services, low motivation and aspirations, poor lifestyle choices, lack of routine, lack of confidence, poor relationships, financial and other worries, unsure what’s available to help, difficulties with mental health and emotional wellbeing. We often work with those far removed from the labour market and accept this can itself be a barrier. We are not time limited to working with an individual.

If you have any clients you feel may benefit from our service please forward their details on to 

If you would like to have a chat first, please give us a call. 



The Foyer is now offering free, confidential money and budgeting advice as part of a new Outreach service.   Our main aim is to is help clients to gain control of their financial affairs. This will involve income maximisation, working with clients to budget better to try and prevent the client from getting into debt and to help to deal with any existing debt issues. 

The advice will be tailored to suit the needs of the individual and will address any risks they might face. We will be requesting that clients provide us with written permission to act on their behalf and agree to provide accurate information on their income and outgoings. 

If you have any clients you feel may benefit from our service please forward their details on to 

If you would like to have a chat first, please get in touch.  

Outreach Worker – Financial Inclusion, Nicola Watson (Peterhead, Ellon and surrounding areas)  07717723024 

Outreach Worker - Financial Inclusion, Bill Henderson (Fraserburgh, Banff and surrounding areas)      

Engage (Fun learning: 16-24 yrs living in Aberdeenshire, not in education or work)

What is it?

Working with one of our friendly and helpful Development Coaches, we will empower you to achieve your goals in education, training or employment. Whatever your interests, hopes and dreams for the future, we can help you get there! We will help you to try new things, plan your next steps and meet other young people.

When is it?
One session of up to 2 hours per week, at a time that suits you.

What will I gain from this?
We will help you to:

• Build on your strengths and abilities
• Increase your confidence and interest in learning
• Develop your skills for learning, life and work
• Improve your mental health and wellbeing

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16 – 24 years old.

Where is it?

We have Development Coaches working in Inverurie, Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Banff.  We can meet you wherever you feel comfortable to begin with but also have spaces for quiet sessions and group work in each location.

To sign up, or if you’d like to chat a bit more about ENGAGE,
contact Beth on: Mobile: 07467 919 782
or Email:

Engage image



Courses for Employers

We are a respected training provider with a proven track record, experienced in delivering a variety of training courses to a number of industry sectors.

As an accredited SQA centre, we also deliver on-the-job training tailored to employer needs based on national quality and service standards such as SVQs in Retail, Management, Customer Service, First Aid, Business Administration and Food Hygiene, at a range of SVQ levels. Click header below to read more:


How can you improve your company's performance?

Further training of your employees is an investment which leads to clear benefits for your company and helps increase performance and efficiency in an ever more competitive market.

How can we help?

Aberdeen Foyer is an accredited SQA centre which means we deliver in-house and on-the-job training and employability programmes based on national quality and service standards.  

Improve your company’s performance by upskilling and qualifying your employees. We provide support for gaining awards in the workplace such as:

Certificate of Work Readiness

This is an accredited SQA qualification designed specifically for people who are ready for their first experience of the world of work or have been disengaged for a period of time, but need some guided support. It includes a unique employer assessed work experience placement, providing a meaningful qualification. The certificate is supported and endorsed by employers and organisations. Candidates will complete a minimum of 190 hours work experience.

SVQs (Scottish Vocational Qualifications)

SVQs will give you a focused, on-the-job context for training your staff, tailored to your business needs and in line with National Occupational Standards.

Results of an extensive study* of SVQs in the food and drinks manufacturing sector have shown significant improvements in employees’ performance: 

Increase in productivity by 20%, quality 12% and staff retention by 27%

Accidents down 56%, complaints down  by 12%, decrease in absenteeism by 20% and wastage by 6% 

* SQA Report 2015

The Foyer delivers SVQs in Retail, Management, Customer Service, Business Administration and Hospitality, at a range of SVQ levels.

C.S.C.S. Green and Trade Cards

This qualification was developed by industry in partnership with Construction Industry Training Board. From 1 July 2014 people wishing to apply for CSCS Cards need to: Pass a Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment qualification or Hold a Valid Site Safety plus Health and Safety Awareness Course.

Manual Handling Awareness

This course provides general guidance to assist workers and managers to meet the requirements of the Manual Handling Operations which came into force at the end of 1992.  Participants will learn about the basic rules of Manual Handling and the factors which affect the risk of injury during manual handling operations.  A level 2 award in the Principles of Manual Handling certificate from the British Safety Council.

Health and Safety

The level 1 award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment is accredited by the UK qualifications regulators in the Qualifications and Credit Framework. The level 1 award provides learners with an essential foundation in relevant matters of Health and Safety.  It is suitable for those already employed in the industry seeking to renew their knowledge in this area.


For further information or to book a course please contact Bronagh Cameron, or call 01224 252363/07944299390



Having a job provides a real sense or purpose, belonging and worth and opens up opportunity. Much of what we do at the Foyer is about enabling those who have faced difficulties in their lives to progress into work.

Our employability programmes are often tailored to skills shortages in the local economy working closely with employers to help ensure positive outcomes for those moving towards and into work, helping to match a person’s aspirations and goals to industry needs; a ‘win win’, delivering real and lasting change.

Work experience is critical. Organisations and businesses large and small can provide placements; building confidence and equipping individuals with valuable transferable skills for the work place.

Working with partners we offer a ‘pipeline’ of informal as well as accredited learning and training opportunities, to suit people at different points of moving towards, into work and in work in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray.