Young Philanthropists raise £210 for the Foyer

9 Dec 2019
ypi mackie 1219

We were delighted to be represented by a team of young philanthropists from Mackie Academy who made it all the way to the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) final.

Lauren, Flo and Mia were most interested in our work around preventing youth homelessness and chose this as the theme for their presentation.

Brenda McGinlay, Business Development Manager said, “I was invited by the team to attend the finals and was really proud of their presentation. They had clearly worked hard to understand the Foyer, our work and our vision. They were also the only team to carry out additional fundraising activities within the school and with their friends and families as a “back up plan” to ensure they donated something to Aberdeen Foyer regardless of the outcome.”

“Unfortunately, they didn’t win on the night, but I felt proud to have been there to see their hard work and enthusiasm.”

Lauren said, “We have all loved representing the Foyer and feel we have learned some very important life skills and understanding that we will carry on with us.”

(The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an active citizenship programme which empowers #generationchange to make a difference in their local communities while developing a host of skills. Each participating school, each year is responsible for directing a £3000 YPI grant to a local charity through a unique programme of teamwork, research and competition.)