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24 Apr 2020
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Aberdeen Foyer has partnered with Aberdeen Cyrenians, Social Bite and CFINE to work in collaboration to distribute food to people who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.    

The Foyer's Chief Executive, Leona McDermid explains why it's needed, “Having access to food when you have recently experienced homelessness is so important and as this crisis deepens it becomes harder for our young people who need to self isolate and stay at home, to do so on very limited budgets. By working together we will do our best to ensure young people have access to nutritious food during these challenging times." 

On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays we collect and deliver 55 Social Bite food bags containing sandwiches, biscuits and a drink. These are distributed between our supported accommodation sites for young people in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire as well as young people we support through Housing First. Young people really appreciate this support and the food bags are very welcome – it’s like a free meal deal.

We have also been helping with the distribution of parcels of food stuffs, clothes and hot food through AC2U.

People are really happy and grateful to receive these items, often there’s no one else to help them.

One recipient said, ‘I get a message to say when the delivery is due so I know when it is arriving and to look out for the person dropping it off.  I can make sure I’m at the door. It’s great to see someone. I really look forward to the drop offs, it’s a chance to say hello at a distance. I don’t see anyone else so it really matters to me and puts a smile on my face.”

We put out a leaflet with the deliveries about the type of support the Foyer can offer so people can get in touch if they need some help with things like sorting out their finances or benefits, counselling or online training to prepare to get into work. We were able to help a lady who was looking for help to get food and sort out her gas and electricity.

"In addition to food, being able to stay connected is vital and our young people desperately need access to smartphones/tablets, data and wifi to help reduce loneliness, allow them to continue with learning and supporting their mental and physical health whilst staying at home. 

"We hope to begin to address this too using the food distribution networks to get vital kit as well as food supplies to people who need it. (To help us raise funds for digital kit, please go to           

The public has been amazing making donations to AC2U. Our thanks to everyone who continues to contribute, these deliveries are vital and make such a difference to the people who need it most. 

Evening Express and Original 106 have teamed up with the four charities to help those in need through the Covid-19 crisis.  

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