Foyer Futures help record amount of young people

3 Nov 2023
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Foyer Futures is a team within Foyer who work with 12-24-year-olds, who’ve disengaged from education and their community and society, especially since the pandemic. Young people are assigned their own Development Coach who meets with them weekly to develop confidence, increase their sense of self-worth, develop skills for learning, life and work and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Last quarter the team supported 116 young people. During this time, young people reported being more confident, better at timekeeping and many had increased self-belief. Even though the coaches enjoy working with young people, Foyer Futures’ aim is to ultimately see young people move on to positive destinations. This can be re-engaging with education, going into training, volunteering, or starting apprenticeships. Last quarter 31 young people graduated from Foyer Futures and moved to a positive destination. The quotes from young people convey a message of gratitude and hope:


"The activities helped with my confidence majorly. Meeting the coaches and them being super friendly and outgoing really helped with trusting people."


"Felt like I could open up, talk about anything I couldn't talk about at home or at school, made me feel non-judged."

"I enjoyed it a lot, it was a positive experience that has helped my life get better."

Foyer Futures Service Manager Beth Finnigan is overjoyed for the results the young people and her team have accomplished:

“We are immensely proud of our young people, making such great progress on their journeys.  At Foyer Futures, we feel privileged to walk alongside young people as they realise their potential and work hard to achieve their goals.  Our team of Development Coaches witness amazing changes in those we support, as confidence grows and young people begin to re-engage with learning, feel good about themselves, develop friendships, and find new skills and interests.  Despite the challenges, young people can succeed and live happy and fulfilled lives.”

Foyer Futures want to keep opening young people’s eyes to different possibilities and visits to different places of work and offering work placements are an excellent way of introducing young people to work. You can contact Beth to see if your company can help open avenues for young people: