Roadwise gives young drivers a Headstart

20 Oct 2023
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Roadwise Driver Training is Aberdeen Foyer’s Community Interest Company (CIC) and provides driver development training and coaching in Aberdeen and parts of the Shire. In line with Aberdeen Foyer’s ethos of empowering young people, Roadwise held a second session last Sunday, following from the success of their August event for future drivers. Both sessions were held at the Grampian Transport Museum and had the aim of giving young people from the age of 14 upwards a relaxed and safe introduction to driving.

14 enthusiastic, if slightly nervous young people, took to the track in groups, each pupil with one of Roadwise’s highly experienced instructors. They learned the basic controls of their car before tentatively enjoying their first taste of driving in a safe environment. Before long they were attempting manoeuvres such as reverse parking, overtaking and emergency stops. By the end of their 2 hours, they emerged from their vehicles smiling and accomplished!

The programme first ran several years ago at the old Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, but was put on hold during the pandemic, and then again whilst searching for suitable new premises. The Grampian Transport Museum provides the perfect setting, giving parents and guardians somewhere interesting to explore as well as being able to spectate in comfort from the onsite cafeteria.

All 14 future drivers enjoyed the session, one calling it a “brilliant experience from start to finish”.

Roadwise’s profits support the work of Aberdeen Foyer in enabling people to thrive, feel connected and included in their community, where everyone has a safe, decent place to call home and access to resources to live a good life. Their social impact reaches well beyond their work in helping to create a safer environment for all road users. They do this via the programmes like Headstart, individual driving lessons but also offering corporate driving lesson packages, including LGV Driving and Fuel-Efficient Driving.

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