Aberdeen Foyer’s new Strategic Partnership with Port of Aberdeen to strengthen the Foyer’s Digital Inclusion provision

1 Apr 2024

Aberdeen Foyer has been selected as one of Port of Aberdeen’s strategic partners. This will see four charities, including the Foyer, collaborating with Port of Aberdeen thanks to their multi-year funding and support.  


The two organisations collaborated last year, when Aberdeen Foyer was in receipt of SupPORT-all funding, which was used to fund Community Challenges in the Foyer’s learning programmes. The Community Challenges see participants consult with local community members about what they would like to see improved in their neighbourhood and then plan and carry out the work required. The Community Challenge has seen many young people and adults improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing, increasing confidence and learning new skills and has also helped create a sense of connection to their community. 

This year, Port of Aberdeen’s charitable donation will go towards fostering digital inclusion. The need for digital access was heightened by the pandemic, when staying connected with loved ones and engaging with learning and work opportunities, were all moved online. 


Leona McDermid, CEO, Aberdeen Foyer, said:  

“Port of Aberdeen’s strategic charity partnerships are a novel approach to addressing a longstanding challenge – certainty of funding. Thanks to the port, we can now expand our digital inclusion programme knowing the funds will be there. We believe there is no limit to what people can achieve in their lives which is why we are excited to be part of this collaboration and look forward to making a positive difference together.” 


In September 2022 Aberdeen Foyer developed a digital specific role and service arm within the organisation, which will now be further grown to address disparity in digital skills, lack of access to internet in remote locations and access to digital devices due to lack of financial means. 

While educating people of the opportunities and benefits of staying connected online, part of Aberdeen Foyer’s digital offer is making sure participants are aware of the risks associated with the internet.  Our digital support package aims to ensure the young people and adults we work alongside stay safe and confident on their digital journey.