Aberdeen Foyer thanks Barratt Homes for generous donation to Nightstop project

8 Mar 2024

Who are you?

My name is Hali, and I am a social worker in training who is studying at RGU. 


How did you come to Foyer?

I was placed at the Foyer as part of the REACH team for a placement for my social work course. 


What have you done while at the Foyer?

I worked alongside Natalie as part of the REACH team. I was involved in the process of meeting with team members and introducing them to what the REACH course entails. I then got to spend 4 weeks with the 10 team members who joined REACH. We did team building activities and get to know you games. We then started on City & Guilds college units whilst fundraising for the team's community project for 'Your love Rara'. The team are going to paint and decorate the 'Your love Rara' premises for their community project.


What have you learned?

I have learnt so much being at the Foyer. My knowledge of subjects taught on my social work course has developed massively seeing it in practice. I have also learnt about more roles that support people besides social workers directly and how amazing the people who fill those roles are. I have picked up many skills that have allowed me to confidently interact and communicate with service users and fellow members of staff.


What is your highlight of your time at the Foyer?

My highlight of my time at the Foyer was seeing the development of the RECAH team I was working with. The whole team's dynamic, confidence and skills has developed drastically, and it is something that has been amazing to see and be a part of. It makes me really proud seeing how the REACH team is benefitting the individuals in the group. 


What’s next for you?

I am continuing my social work studies and, on my days off at university I will be coming back to the Foyer as a volunteer to continue to work with Natalie and the team members on REACH.


Do you have final greetings and well-wishes to clients and colleagues?

I am very grateful to all the staff at Marywell Centre for making me feel so valued and like part of the team. All the support and guidance I received from all the staff at the Foyer is very appreciated and I feel very lucky that I got to be part of such a great team. I have had a great time working alongside Kieran, he made every day a happy day with his positivity, and I will miss that very much! The biggest thank you goes to Natalie for being the most amazing, supporting and encouraging supervisor. Natalie helped guide me through the REACH course and she has provided me with so much helpful information and has displayed to me how to be a great worker. I will miss my time with Natalie very much as we have formed a great relationship, and she is a great colleague to work in partnership with. 

The team members on the REACH course made my placement experience the best I could have asked for in the short time I was with them. All the team members have put in so much effort to the course and despite me being a student, they worked alongside me as if I was a member of staff which I am very thankful for. The team are all super hard workers and are a great group of people. I know they will continue to ace the course and I look forward to seeing them all graduate!