Aberdeen Foyer helps kickstart careers in the security industry in collaboration with F1 Training

25 Jan 2023
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Aberdeen Foyer’s Employability team help their clients gain confidence and necessary qualifications to start their careers or to bring them back into employment. This past December saw 7 people gain a host of qualifications to seek employment in the security sector. The training included Door Supervisor training and First Aid training. One of the successful course attendees is William, 39, who has since secured employment, after being out of employment for four years. He is grateful for the experience:

“The course was done really well from the people at the Foyer that helped every step of the way through the course and the trainers at F1 training who helped us get the qualification from the course. It was a fantastic opportunity I was able to grab, thanks to everyone at the Foyer and F1 Training.”

Another course attendee Graeme, 43, had previously held Level 6 Door Supervisor license, but his accreditation had elapsed. After starting training in September, he was able to apply for his license in November. While waiting for it to arrive, he also kept busy applying and interviewing for positions. He has since started in his new role, in his preferred industry. Graeme is grateful for his time with The Foyer:

“Aberdeen Foyer really has helped me kickstart my career and their program with F1 training is one of the best I’ve ever been on. The program is fun and educational with experienced tutors that teach you the trade at an engaging and supportive pace.”

The course also assisted Craig, 29, who was looking to change careers. He had worked on a zero-hour contract in the events industry building stages and lights but knew he wanted to be at the door at these events. He also identified building confidence in personal and work context as his goals when he enrolled, including interview skills. His refined interviewing skills earned him a job with Securitas and he managed to start before the festive period but also had time to spend Christmas with family.

If you're interested in getting into the security sector, 

please contact Pauline.Holloway@aberdeenfoyer.com, if you're based in Aberdeen City,

or please contact Lauren.Urquhart@aberdeenfoyer.com, if you're based in Aberdeenshire.