Our Impact

The Foyer has a positive impact on society working locally to support and strengthen our communities.  In Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire people have improved education, health, skills and quality of life.  The Foyer has enabled people to work and realise their potential. The Foyer makes a difference.

In 2014 we worked with 2345 people through the Foyer and delivered services to around 650 customers through our businesses.

We housed 116 people, 695 people gained qualifications through our education and training services to be more work ready, 1892 people had improved confidence and 873 people moved into employment, training or volunteering. 

22 young people moved into their own accommodation and 15 returned home.


"What would life be like without the Foyer?" - a representative of the public sector responds

"While the Foyer can't solve all problems for all people, they have a jolly good try and do this in partnership to ensure people are getting the full range of support.

Without the Foyer many people would have potentially lost their lives to a variety of illnesses. So many people whose lives have been enriched have moved out of a downward spiral on to fulfilling family lives.

Without the Foyer a large number of people would not have had the confidence or aspiration to move forward in so many ways eg have their own tenancies, securing and retaining employment, re-engaging with family, having a secure environment for their own family.

Without the Foyer many people who have made 'bad' choices in life would not have had the opportunity to work through these, accept them and move on to a 'normal life'.

Without the Foyer many people would not have had the experience of a 'safe haven' where they can open up and deal with the challenges and barriers preventing them from finding a happy life and wellbeing.

Without the Foyer some of Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire's most vulnerable residents would not be engaging iwth any services or support and would have a very poor quality of life."