Impact Project – a time to flourish

A free, award winning service especially designed to reach out and bring individuals into a happy, inspirational environment to encourage them to find their strengths, build confidence and find time to flourish.

We provide a programme of support for adults living with long term mental health conditions. The aim is to move people from a state of dependence and isolation to one of effective self management of their condition. The programme aims to aid recovery and well being and enhance the ability to cope with everyday life thus enabling the fulfilment of aspirations and potential. 

The overall aim of the project is to provide a pathway of support and opportunities that will enable participants to effectively self manage their condition, reduce feelings of isolation and build confidence to achieve goals based upon identified capabilities, skills and aspirations. 

The project is regularly reviewed, developed and delivered by group members.

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What is the Impact Project?

It's a great opportunity for you to try out different things and choose what works best for you. It might be working individually with someone to start with, being part of a group, taking part in creative sessions like arts and crafts or working on improving your lifestyle with healthy activities.  You might want to do some cooking, get busy baking bread or find a quiet space to read a book or listen to music, share your thoughts and ideas or do a little bit of all of these... or try something completely different!

Who can take part?

Have you been sitting at home feeling anxious, depressed, lacking in confidence and feeling like you have no sense of self worth? If you want to leave those feelings behind then this project is for you!

What will be expected of me?

Come along and take part in working with us to shape the project and make it truly about you. Give us your feedback about what works well and what doesn't. Share your ideas and experiences. Be open to trying new opportunities.

A place to go where...

  • you can shape,develop, take part and contribute
  • you can connect with other people
  • you can experience at least one happy moment every day
  • you can discover your strengths
  • you can take part in enjoyable things to do - not just be occupied
  • you can spark new interests and re-new old ones
  • you feel that you're doing something meaningful
  • you will leave at the end of the day with a sense of satisfaction - and an excitement about coming back!

How can you take part?

Get in touch with us by phone or email and we can set up a time that suits you to meet up for an informal chat. You can come into the Marywell Centre for a coffee or we can meet you somewhere local.

For more information about what we offer in Aberdeen City please contact Kirsty MacNeil 07968 218495, email -

For more information about what we offer in Aberdeenshire please contact Graham McCulloch 07970706961 email 

Foyer Health Team Leader - Brenda McGinlay 07944057437, email -

Funded by the Scottish Health and Social Care Alliance