Foyer Futures

Opportunities for achieving potential 

In 2017 83% of young people accessing Foyer Futures achieved positive destinations - return to education, further education, training or employment.

We work with young people P7 + who are facing difficulties in their lives and have become disengaged from education (or perhaps statutory services), those who have either been excluded or at risk of exclusion, those who are disengaged and have low attendance, those who are not attaining anticipated potential and those who are not in training or employment. 

Our service is guided by the belief that it is a person’s unique strengths and capabilities that will determine their journey as well as define who they are – not their limitations. 

Foyer Futures offers young people the opportunity to: 

• be more engaged in learning which will improve their ability to progress in education, training and work 
• have an increased sense of self-worth which will give them more confidence to make positive changes in their lives 
• develop skills for learning, life and work which increases their long-term quality of life 
• improve their mental health & wellbeing 

We co-produce a bespoke flexible learning plan with each young person which includes a range of activities empowering them to :

• decide what they are good at 
• build the future they hope for 
• decide how they are going to get there 
• decide what changes they want to make in their lives 
• learn in different ways 
• try new experiences 
• build on strengths and abilities 
• increase confidence and engagement in learning 
• develop skills for learning, life and work 

The young people participating in Foyer Futures rediscover lost aspirations and develop new ones. We use practical engagement tools working one to one with young people, collaborating with families and schools. Taking time to listen, we build relationships, encourage re-engagement, increase attendance and participation, reduce exclusions and maximise positive progressions.   

We offer young people Skills, Resources and Opportunities to take the next steps in their learning journey. As a result, they often return to formal education or improve their current attainment level, achieving more formal qualifications.  

Foyer Futures staff are trained in, and operate under, the principles of GIRFEC.  We have Child Protection Officers and operate in an inclusive and strengths-based manner. Our teams have relevant backgrounds in sport, health, coaching, youth justice, youth work, counselling and educational psychology. 

Young people have helped to shape and develop Foyer Futures as a service, including the planning, organising and recruitment of staff. We have developed our asset-based model through working with, and listening closely to, the views of the care-experienced and disadvantaged young people.

Activity Agreements

Activity Agreements are an opportunity for young people aged 16-19 who have left formal education and are furthest from learning or employment.

Young people interested in Activity Agreements can self refer or be referred by a support organisation but they must register with the Activity Agreements team at Aberdeen City Council and be referred officially to the Foyer.  

Participation on an Activity Agreement is voluntary and can attract funding of up to £30.00 per week. This would be discussed with the young person during registration with the Activity Agreements worker at Aberdeen City Council.   

There is no set programme as an Activity Agreement is a bespoke package put together for an individual with their agreement.


Kathleen Singer - 01224 212924 or email