Kickstart Job Scheme

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Kickstart is a UK Government funded initiative that gives employers a chance to create paid jobs for 16 to 24 year-olds who are unemployed and in receipt of Universal Credit through provision of a wage subsidy and funding for training and development.

Youth unemployment is at a 5 year high with over 230,000 young adults now in receipt of welfare benefits and over 80% of job losses during the pandemic have impacted young people. 55% of employers recently surveyed in Scotland expect the pandemic to continue to have a negative impact on young people’s employment prospects over the next 3 to 5years. By taking part in the Kickstart job scheme, employers of all sizes can help a whole generation get back on their feet and invest in future talent. 

For young people - it’s a great opportunity to use their potential and enthusiasm to attain a meaningful job placement that provides vocational experience, a chance to develop their career and improve access to future work opportunities.

Aberdeen Foyer is delighted to support the Kickstart Scheme and we’re starting with 3 new job opportunities for young people. We’re a Living Wage employer and each job is 25 hours per week leaving time for further training, learning, job search and personal development - all of which we can support you with. We will also provide support for you to move on and into sustained employment following the Kickstart placement.

Our current Kickstart vacancy job descriptions are listed below however you must be registered with JobCentre plus to apply for them and you must apply directly through JobCentre Plus.

Click here to see our kickstart job vacancies