Educational Psychologist

Our in house Educational Psychologist provides assessments, training and interventions for young people and adults. 

Through meeting people and spending time getting to know them, we recognise strengths and identify challenges.  We work together to try and make learning is a positive experience. 


This programme is designed to help you with learning. And we don’t mean only learning in school.

Our journey through life is a long process of learning. Throughout life we experience new situations, master new skills and acquire a new pieces of knowledge and facts that we didn’t know before. 

Our brains are constantly expected to adjust to new situations. That is all learning. But our brains are not all the same, they don’t register the world in the same way. So for one person the “learning journey” and “learning process” will be totally different to that of another.

We all have our strengths and challenges, our tricks and tips of how to remember something, how to plan our days, how to solve problems or how to protect ourselves from being manipulated. 

FiTMiND will help you to understand your preferred way of working, possibly answer some questions. The programme gives you knowledge about the way your brain processes information, stores it and uses it later, giving you the possibility to train the areas of your brain that causes challenges in day to day functioning.