Unlocking Potential

26 Jul 2018

Grants from the Social Economy Growth Fund – backed by the Scottish Government and the European Social Fund – have been awarded to 22 community organisations, social enterprises and charities across Scotland. Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell said: “The Social Economy Growth Fund enables organisations to design and deliver community-led solutions to overcome poverty, disadvantage and inequalities – which is a key principle of our Fairer Scotland Action Plan."

Aberdeen Foyer has been awarded £201,614 over 2 years to provide support for 12-18 year olds who have been excluded from school or are at risk of exclusion and their families and carers. 

“We are absolutely delighted to have received this funding, it will make such a difference to the support we can offer to young people.” Leona McDermid, Chief Executive

Kathleen Singer, Head of Service “Many of the young people we work with face additional barriers to progress due to unmet needs and the support they require can be difficult to access when not in mainstream education.  This funding will allow us to employ an Educational Psychologist ensuring we can provide more effective assessment that enables the most appropriate interventions for each individual and a Counsellor to improve access to vital mental health support for young people not in school.”  This will enable Foyer to reach 150 more young people and improve social outcomes for those we already work with to: 

  • improve educational attainment amongst young people affected by child poverty; 
  • improve young people’s mental health, wellbeing and resilience to enable them to make the transition to quality positive destinations that break the cycle of poverty 
  • reduce the impact of child poverty and the risk of homelessness through supporting young people to sustain important relationships