Transforming Futures Evaluation

12 Mar 2020
Aberdeen Foyer Infographic

H&M Foundation and End Youth Homelessness launch evaluation of Transforming Futures Programme which has supported almost 900 vulnerable young people across the UK. 

  • In 2018, 788,000 young people (16 – 24) were not in education, employment or training (EET) in the UK.

  • The Transforming Futures Programme, funded by the H&M Foundation and launched in 2016, supports vulnerable young people to break the cycle of homelessness by helping them into education and work.
  • The programme comes to an end having supported almost 900 young people on their journey to accessing employment, education and training opportunities. 

In 2016, the non-profit H&M Foundation made a three-year commitment supported by £500,000 to support young homeless people in the UK into employment. Through the Transforming Futures Programme, four UK charities were able to employ a dedicated Job Coach to provide specialist one-to-one Education, Employment and Training (EET) support, helping them build the skills and confidence they need to go back into education or secure a job. The support also includes a bursary to break down financial barriers facing young people in accessing EET opportunities.  

The programme was delivered by four UK charities – 1625 Independent People, Aberdeen Foyer, Benjamin Foundation, Roundabout – all part of UK-wide movement End Youth Homelessness (EYH). 

“At the H&M Foundation we are pleased to hear that so many young people have been supported with access to education, employment and training opportunities. It is very rewarding to see the project goals we set become reality and turned into concrete results. To help these young people out of their situation and onto a sustainable path of independence where they can have a home and a job of their own is nothing but a success and we are proud to have been a part of that.“ Diana Amini, Global Manager H&M Foundation.

“With the tremendous support of H&M Foundation through End Youth Homelessness, we have been able to make a difference for 164 young people all of whom were experiencing tough situations making it very difficult to start training or get into work. The funding allowed us to engage a dedicated Development Coach providing one-to-one support giving young people space and time to understand their strengths and decide on a future and what they need to do to get there. The H&M bursary provided young people with access to funding at critical points that removed barriers and made the journey a bit easier, for example buying a bus pass or a bike to get to work or purchase equipment required for College training that can help someone achieve the qualifications needed to move into work. In one case a young man is now accessing a course in agriculture at College because the bursary enabled him to acquire a tractor driving licence and start work on a farm. We have seen amazing achievements through the Transforming Futures Programme.” Leona McDermid, Chief Executive, Aberdeen Foyer. 

The H&M Foundation & End Youth Homelessness worked with the Young Foundation to carry out an evaluation of the programme. The release of A Brighter Future, showcases the successes of the programme, along with the accompanying toolkit. The toolkit explores best practices for employers and Job Coaches working with Young Homeless People. 

“End Youth Homelessness’ research ‘A Brighter Future’ – undertaken by The Young Foundation – showcases the incredible results our Transforming Futures Programme has achieved over the last three years. Without the dedication of the Job Coaches, our Member Charities and the support of the H&M Foundation none of this would have been possible. The impact? Almost 900 homeless young people have found employment or an education opportunity, which significantly improves their chances of a better life.  This research helps other organisations achieve similar outcomes and moves us a step closer to ending youth homelessness.” Nick Connolly, Managing Director, End Youth Homelessness. 

Following the end of Transforming Futures Programme in October 2019, EYH has launched an Employability Fund, which ensures a lasting legacy of the H&M Foundation’s support. Through the continuation of the Job Coaching role within the four charities, and the extension of further applications from our Member Charities, more homeless young people can access the education, training and job opportunities that they need to turn their lives around.