Peterhead Prince's Trust Team 36

16 Jul 2015
PTT 36 Boddam mural

Boddam Primary School pupils have a freshly painted and decorated playground thanks to Peterhead’s Prince’s Trust Team 36. The Team organised a Quiz Night at the Clerkhill Inn and raised £300 - a big thank you to all the local businesses and local people for their generous donations and support which enabled the team to complete the community project. 

Head Teacher, Danica Smith, said: “The team quickly got to work – asking pupils and staff for their ideas of how to improve our play spaces. Asking our pupils for their input made them feel valued and included in the project, thus generating a real sense of community. The Prince’s Trust team were an absolute pleasure to work alongside and the team members were positive role models for our pupils. They were polite, friendly, enthusiastic, motivated and really engaged in the project. I hope their enthusiasm has a lasting impression on our pupils and inspires them to ‘give back’ to their community too. The finished playground looks fantastic.”