5 Year Funding for Impact Group

7 Apr 2016

We are very pleased to announce we have received £775,743 from the Transforming Self-Management in Scotland Fund administered by Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) to deliver the Impact project over 5 years.

Impact is a programme of support for adults living with long term mental health conditions with the aim of helping people to move from a state of dependence and isolation to one of effective self-management of their condition. The programme aims to aid recovery and wellbeing and enhance the ability to cope with everyday life.  Over the past 3 years Impact in Aberdeen City has worked with over 100 people. The new funding allows the programme to continue in Aberdeen and also be delivered in Aberdeenshire.

Brenda McGinlay, Foyer Health team leader said, “We’re really excited to receive this funding and be able to deliver this very successful work in Aberdeenshire as well as in the City. The continued support from the ALLIANCE means we can build on the work started 3 years ago, making a huge difference to people’s lives. People who participated in Impact in the City have embraced self-management as a way of living well and on their own terms. They have built confidence, found their strengths and found time to flourish.”

Impact enables participants to effectively self-manage their condition, reduce feelings of isolation and build confidence to achieve goals based on identified capabilities, skills and aspirations.  People can work individually or be part of a group taking part in creative sessions like arts and crafts or working on improving lifestyle with activities including cooking, baking bread, sewing or working at an allotment.

Christopher Littlejohn, Consultant in Public Health and Head of Health Improvement, NHS Grampian said “I’m delighted that the Foyer has secured this Alliance funding for people living in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  Increasing numbers of people are living with long-term mental and physical health conditions. The process of having to adjust to a diagnosis of a long-term health condition can be difficult. It can change people’s perceptions of their world, replacing everyday routines with uncertainty. People can be helped by the presence of supportive others and organisations like the Foyer help people learn to cope, to adapt and to continue truly living life. NHS Grampian is pleased to have close working relationships with the Alliance and the Foyer as we collectively work to improve the lives of people living with long-term health conditions.”

Stephen Lynch, Calsayseat Medical Group, added "As a practicing GP with a large number of patients with chronic mental health problems I welcome the Impact service with its emphasis on practical support to such individuals. I have had positive feedback from patients who have used the service and see this as an important factor in enabling them to self-manage their condition." 

Neil Murray, Aberdeen City and Shire ChooseLife co-ordinator said, "I am so pleased to hear that The ALLIANCE is continuing to fund Aberdeen Foyer to develop and deliver Impact.  It is clear to see the difference Impact makes to people’s lives. ChooseLife looks forward to supporting Impact as it spreads the message of self-management across Aberdeenshire."